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Direct Mail Printers – Target Key Demographics to Make Your Business Grow

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In today's advertising culture, the expression "what's old is new again” has never rang more true. Tired of countless billboards, television commercials and online gimmicks, the busy modern consumer wants a more simplified approach to understanding businesses and the services they provide. Direct mail printers have long known that the most effective way to reach a customer and to remain in their mind is through local flyer distribution and door hangers sent directly to the homes of those potential new patrons.
Why Waste Time and Money?
The fact is when you pay for television or radio advertisements, you are paying to reach a program's entire audience. Unfortunately, many times that audience is not your target market. This generates wasted dollars that could be used to more effectively market towards people who fit the profile of the types of clients or patrons which your business would serve. Direct mail printers work diligently to ensure that advertisements reach the maximum number of potentially interested consumers – greatly increasing the chances for business expansion. By targeting demographics specifically relevant to your company, you can ensure a maximum return on your investment. For example, a television commercial aired during the daytime advertising a new fitness club may be reaching the wrong audience, as many viewers during that period are young children. However, targeting the homes of young men and women who are far more interested in looking their physical best would provide better results. Many direct mail printers compile lists for potential clients within key demographics, allowing them to zone in on people who fall within your target audience, assuring that your money is well spent and the savings over more modern forms of advertisement are put back into improvement of your business.
Local Flyers for Local Product
When running ads in a newspaper or on the radio, businesses are paying to reach the entire audience or circulation of that media outlet. For someone who runs a local fresh fruit and vegetable shop, this makes little sense, as consumers will not drive great distances to buy those products as they have similar shops closer to home. Direct mail printers, however, obtain mailing lists from the post office to alert them as to which customers live in a zip code close by. This saves not only money, but ensures that only people who would be likely to travel to your business receive the flyers, allowing the message to stay clear instead of being considered "junk mail.”
Choosing to send flyers or brochures out to an audience in close proximity to your business is a smart and sensible choice to expand your customer base and take your company to the next level. Contact a local direct mail printer today and find out the incredible benefits and how to use them to your advantage.

Computer Repair Companies And Direct Mail

Many local computer repair companies use direct mail to help bring awareness of their company to the neighborhoods that they serve, and the reason they choose direct mail ads as their marketing method of choice is because it works. The world of computer repair is one that is heavily focused on the community that a company serves, mainly because it’s exceptionally rare for people to mail in their computers for a fix. As such, the advertising methods they use have to be very specific to the town that they serve. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of money.

Direct mail is one of the very, very few traditional advertising methods that remains inexpensive enough for even the smallest of businesses to afford casually. As such, it’s a favorite choice of both large and small companies that want to reach specific districts in a city without spending too much. The way direct mail works is as simple as advertising can be. All you need to do is provide us with your business promotion and copy, and we’ll design it, print it and distribute it.

As a computer repair company, there are several ways that you can maximize your profitability when using this form of traditional marketing for your advertising. Here’s how.

  • Run special discounts in your direct mail ad that they can’t get anywhere else. People adore discounts, and it helps you keep track of how many people are reading your mailers.

  • Use color in your ads. It seems very simple, doesn’t it? However, studies have shown that direct mailers that are in color do much better on average than direct mail ads that are only in black and white.

  • Door hanger campaigns are popular for a reason. If you want to have a direct mail campaign with a twist, door hangers are excellent choices. They are easy to distribute, and are basically unavoidable for most people’s line of vision. And, they don’t cost too much.

  • Alerts about common viruses and glitches can help you bring in business. Mentioning them on your direct mailer is an easy way to get peoples’ attention.

  • Don’t make your direct mail ads too visually busy. Though it’s good to have a colorful coupon, do not go overboard. This can make your ad look unprofessional, and can actually detract from the message that you’re sending out.

  • Avoid sending actual written letters to peoples’ mailboxes. Letters are things that people generally will not read unless it’s important. Ads, door hangers, and regular mailer-style coupons work a lot better, because they are short, sweet, and to the point.

Imaginative marketing is the number one way to get business these days, and many of the businesses that rely on local interest can profit from a well-planned direct mail campaign. All that extra profit is just a phone call or email away, so why wait any longer to send your first ads out?

What is Direct Mail Advertising and How Does it Generate Leads?

Direct mail advertising refers to postcards, flyers and letters that are sent directly to the consumer.

The consumer receives the mailing, which typically include an offer, coupon or information on some sort of promotion. The most effective direct mailing pieces are coupons or promo codes. Studies have shown that people are much more apt to keep a piece of mail if it includes a coupon. When a consumer keeps a direct mailing, you exponentially increase your chances of pulling in a new customer or client.

Coupons have also been shown to increase the chances that an individual will make a purchase. People are more likely to purchase an item if they're saving money. Consumers are also more likely to purchase an item that they would not typically buy --- all because they have a coupon!

Coupons get saved and coupons promote sales, making these one of the most efficient forms of mailings. Another approach involves creating a bright, eye-catching postcard or other mailing that encourages the recipient to take some sort of action, such as calling a number, stopping by a shop or visiting a website. This second approach is similar to the approach you would use for any other display advertisement, except it's more precisely targeted. There is no other form of advertising that allows you to reach out to specific individuals. This makes direct mail very effective in pulling in clients or customers. And while the cost spent per person is a bit more than other advertising methods, the conversion rate is much higher than other methods. That is, more people buy whatever it is that you're selling!

Direct mail advertising has also seen a dramatic decrease in competitors, thanks to the internet. This actually works to your advantage as an advertiser, as today, people receive a much smaller volume of mail so your mailings are more apt to stand out.

Why Should You Choose Direct Mail Advertising Over Direct Email?

Direct mail advertising fell by the wayside when email marketing initially became popular… after all, nobody likes having to go through junk mail. However, direct email soon became more of a problem than junk mail. Direct Email marketing has become annoying, deceiving and takes up a lot of valuable space in a persons inbox. Is it any wonder why 4 out of 5 people have more than one email address? Now a days, you’ll be lucky to even get a quarter of customers opening your emails. Business are wasting their money on email marketing without getting a reasonable response. As a result, those business' begin to suffer. How can this be fixed? The solution to this mess is easy. The key to successful business advertising is Direct Mail.

Local Touch

It's important to associate your business with a sense of trust in order to invoke the local community to reach out to you for your services. Unfortunately, email marketing rarely provides that. If you think about it, emails are cold, passive digital messages that tend to get overlooked in a busy inbox. Today, gyms, bakeries, and grocery stores, which were once successful are part of the digital marketing revolution, are failing to elicit the same feelings of the ‘business next door’. A postcard on the other hand, is so much more personal. There is a sense of warmth and trust holding a direct mail postcard that has been specifically mailed directly to your home. These postcards are likely to be kept around the house for future reference. How often does a person print out an email to stick on their refrigerator? Not very often.

Better Open Rates

It's no secret that emails sometimes don't get opened. We live in an an age when its hard to keep a clean email account. Emails from unknown sources, commonly referred to as SPAM, are being delivered to you on an hourly basis. Email clients such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft spend millions of dollars creating software that attempt to detect these useless emails and automatically send them into a SPAM folder. Unfortunately, said software isn't perfect. Depending on the email content, subject or origin, its not uncommon for emails to be mistaken for SPAM and archived under the SPAM folder. Most of the time, people don't look through this folder as its mostly filled with emails offering medication for various sexual disfunction (sad, but true). What business in their right mind would want to spend money so their business advertising can end up amongst this mess?

Thankfully, you don't have to deal with similar issues when you utilize direct mail. Due to the additional effort involved in printing a flyer, people are more likely to take the time to read it. Its a fact that everybody checks their mailbox. The average person will glance at every deliverable received…even if its for 2 seconds. Using a powerful design strategy, 2 seconds is all you need in order to catch a potential customers eye.

Targeted Direct Mail Advertising

Direct email can often be redundant. Usually, business' ask for a customers email address when they purchase something. Those emails are added to a list that would be used for future email marketing. If you think about it, the only customers being targeted are repeat customers as opposed to potential new ones. You do have the option of buying email lists, but it's difficult to know if the people you are targeting are your demographic. Even worse, its difficult to know if the email addresses are even valid. It's like going hunting with a blind-fold on.

Direct Mail Advertising allows you to target a specific demographic. It’s a far superior direct mail lead generation option because you can focus on a particular income level, household residents, neighborhood, etc. Companies such as Front Door Advertising can help you determine what demographic is best for your campaign so you can get the best return on investment. Since it’s more targeted you’re getting more for your money.

Don't settle for mediocre advertising. In today's economy, it's important to plan a strong advertising campaign that focus' on the demographic you need to connect with in order to bring in more business. Direct email may sound effective, but in the end is sloppy, unfocused and a waste of money. Direct mail is the most effective form of advertising to stay ahead of your competition and to get the most out of your advertising budget.

How Gyms And Fitness Companies Benefit From Direct Mail Advertising


Though direct mail advertising has been used in every single industry with success, one of the more common industries to use direct mail advertising for their marketing campaigns is the fitness industry. Think about it for a moment. How many times have you seen a mailer announcement of a local gym in your mailbox? How many times have you seen coupons in envelopes talking about the latest and greatest diet pills on the market? The reason why it’s so frequently done is because it works, and because many people actually browse mailers specifically for great coupons for their fitness and health needs.

The way that mailers work is as simple as it gets. You (or we) create an advertisement that is visually appealing, tells potential customers everything that they need to know about the company at hand, and also offers them a nice incentive to come to your establishment. In the fitness world, these incentives usually involve something along the lines of a free all-week access pass to the gym, free lessons, or a very nice discount. It is up to you to decide how the ad looks, what it conveys, and what incentives you would want to offer.

Once the advertisement has been created, it is printed and distributed to a large radius of homes that are near your place of business. We suggest having a radius of at least 3 miles in order to attract the most local attention possible for your gym. This is especially true if you are a new fitness company that is struggling to attract local clientele. Once the mailers have been mailed out, all you have to do is wait for people to open their mailboxes, see your coupon, and the rest is history.

Mailers have been used for decades to promote companies of all shapes and sizes – from the massive mega-corporations that sponsor football games viewed on national TV, to the small mom and pop stores that only a true local would normally know. There is a reason why so many companies use mailers as a major staple in their marketing plans, and the fact is that the reason why this happens to be the case is because it worked. There is no other form of traditional advertising that delivers as steady a turnout as direct mail advertising, nor is there one that offers such results on such a shoestring budget.

Business owners don’t have a lot of time on their hands, and this is doubly true for those of us who are working hard helping others work out. Perhaps the true beauty of the direct mail advertising campaign is how little effort you have to put in in order to see results, making it one of the easiest ways to advertise without breaking a sweat. So, what are you waiting for? You business could be in better shape by next mailing week if you start putting together a mailer campaign today!